6 Reasons You Won't See Retractable Leashes at Dogologie

6 Reasons You Won't See Retractable Leashes at Dogologie

We are constantly asked about retractable leashes, and the truth is we don’t carry them, nor will we be carrying them in the future. WHY? At first glance, they seem like a staple to any dog owner. They won’t tangle, your dog has a lot of room to roam. So why don’t we carry them?

When you take a closer look, you’ll realize that retractable leashes are not so safe and easy. Here are some reasons you won’t see those leashes inside our store.

6 Reasons You Won't See Retractable Leashes at Dogologie

1. They break easily. It’s true, when we did carry these leashes, any brand, there was at least one that came to us broken. And there would always be a couple broken in the store thanks to young guests playing with them. If these products broke so easily in the store, how long would they last when they were in heavy use? It just wasn’t feasible to continue carrying products that didn’t live up to our quality standard in the rest of the store.

2. The handles are bulky. When you think about it, the retractable leashes aren’t very easy to carry around.  The handles are bulky and sometimes they can be heavy. It’s not as easy to tie to a table leg if you are enjoying a meal at a dog friendly restaurant. If you accidentally drop them, it’s loud, you have the risk of the leash breaking, and it’s going to start retracting towards your dog and can scare them, causing your dog to run away. The plastic handle just isn’t as convenient as a regular loop on a typical leash.

3. They encourage bad habits. Retractable leashes give your dog too much freedom and teaches them to pull on the leash to gain that freedom. Typically, your dog should be walking next to you and there should be slack in the leash. Retractable leashes are not designed for slack.

4. They are rude. We know it is unintentional, but we’ve noticed that when guests bring their dogs in on retractable leashes they are paying more attention to the products on our shelves than their dog. Most guests who use retractable leashes inside don’t lock them so their dog has 20 plus feet of freedom to roam the store and get into trouble. We’ve seen these leashes trip other guests, get tangled up in our displays and knock products off their hooks, and some dogs on retractable leashes have the freedom to go up to our small guests and other dogs which can potentially be dangerous. Especially if some dogs are uncomfortable with new friends. If you do bring in a retractable leash, please be courteous and keep your dog right next to you.

5. Dangerous to Your Dog. Unfortunately, we’ve seen and heard about too many injuries caused by retractable leashes. The most common is injury to the trachea from constant pressure and sudden pull back of the leash. Most of these leashes have thin cords and can do serious damage with the right amount of force; including rope burn, lacerations, and sometimes amputations. They are also dangerous when you have your dog too far away from you and they run out into traffic or approach another dog and it turns aggressive.

6. Dangerous to You. If they can be dangerous to your dog, they can also be dangerous to you. We’ve seen leg lacerations from the leashes. Rope burns and bruises an owner frantically tries to grab the leash. And unfortunately, some have lost fingers.


Instead of looking for a retractable leash, why not try one of these other leashes?

Ruffwear Roamer Leash- The Roamer leash from Ruffwear is a great convertible leash. It can be used by hand or it can be worn around the waist. Perfect for running, especially with the reinforced bungee.

Dogline Biothane Long Lead- If you are looking for a training lead, look into the Biothane long leads. They are water and stink proof, and extremely durable. It will not get stiff during extreme cold and will not melt during extreme heat. Super Heavy Biothane webbing has up to 750 lbs of breaking strength. We carry multiple lengths; 10’, 15’, 20’, and 33’.

Timberwolf Alpine with Urban Handle- The Alpine leash is a perfect, everyday leash. And with the additional Urban Handle, you have access to quickly keep your dog next to you in any situation. They are perfect for when Main Street in Fredericksburg is a little too crowded and it’s safer to have Fido right by your side.


Still need help finding the perfect leash? Visit us today and ask us for help. We are happy to serve you. Let us know how we can help you.