American Made: Toys and Apparel

American Made: Toys and Apparel

We are highlighting all of our "Made in America" companies and products to help support local businesses. This week, we are highlighting our American TOYS AND APPAREL. We have several best selling toys, collars, leashes, and outerwear that are made in the USA. 


  • WestPaw- WestPaw is one of our best selling toys and our most durable toy. We highly recommend their eco-friendly, American made toys to any heavy chewer. They also offer a one-time replacement guarantee. WestPaw is located in Bozeman, Montana.
  • Planet Dog- Planet Dog is another durable, eco-friendly, All American toy company. Planet Dog is made from a little softer material, making it perfect for puppies and smaller dogs. This company also offers a guarantee. 
  • Benebone- Benebone is our newest chew toy. They use real bacon and a high quality USA-made durable chew designed for a paw-friendly grip. 


  • All Star Dogs- All Star Dogs is committed to produce high quality products and they manufacture 100% within the USA.
  • Gold Paw Fleece- Gold Paw Series is a family-run dogwear company. All of their products are proudly made in the USA and many of our materials are milled here too. They always have an eye to reducing our environmental impact whether that’s including recycled materials in our textiles, using biodegradable packaging, or teaming up with partners like 1% For The Planet. 
  • Auburn Rolled Leather Collars- A family owned and operated business located in New York. Auburn Leathercrafters are dedicated to producing high quality leather products, made completely in the USA.
  • Woofwear- Woofwear produces fine, handmade American leather collars. They are a fan favorite, with so many styles and colors. 
  • UpCountry Collars- UpCountry is our most popular collar brands. With some many different styles, you are sure to find the perfect collar for your dog. UpCountry is located in Rhode Island where all of the collars are made. They are hand sewn, pressed and finished with care. 
  • 2 Hounds- 2 Hounds Designs spends a lot of time researching and establishing relationships with suppliers, with a strong emphasis on materials sourced from the US. They make our popular Freedom No Pull Harness and some of our martingale collars
  • Yellow Dog- Located in North Carolina, Yellow Dog Designs dog collars are made in the USA and come in many different styles. Plus, they will replace your Yellow Dog Collar if it gets damaged. 
  • Tufflock- This American company has been making collars since 1977! Tufflock is located in Southern California. They have over 100 different styles and they have a lifetime guarantee, even if the dog chews it up!
  • Timberwolf- Timberwolf Pet Products offers handcrafted pet products manufactured right here in the USA. The have the most comfortable leashes, with so many color options!