American Made: Treats

American Made: Treats

We are highlighting all of our "Made in America" companies and products to help support local businesses. This week, we are focusing on TREATS. We get this question a lot. We do not carry any food or treat product from China and we do not carry any rawhide. While some of our treat companies are not USA based, we fully trust in them and know that they provide high quality treats for our dogs. 

Here are our treats made in the USA:

Meaty Treats

  • MerrickMerrick was born over 30 years ago in Garth Merrick’s family kitchen in Hereford, Texas. Check out their Power Bites, Power Big Bites, and their Backcountry Line.
  • Dr. Beckers- What started in a mother's kitchen, quickly grew to 3 generation owned business. Becker's Bites are great and healthy options because they contain only one ingredient. Meat. 
  • Dog Bark Naturals- This company is located close to home in Dripping Springs. All of Dog Bark Naturals are made with one single ingredient, so no need to worry. Although everything is made in America, some of the meat is sustainably sourced in other countries (for example the Kangaroo is sourced in Australia and made in America). But if you are wanting American sourced meat, try the Chicken, Beef, or Bacon.  
  • Off Leash- Looking for American Made training treats? Check out one of our favorites, Off Leash Soft and Chewy

Biscuit and Bakery

  • My Doggy- If you are looking for softer American Made biscuits, check out the My Doggy cookies. They come in a variety of flavors and we have two sizes. 
  • Two Sisters- Two Sisters Bakery treats are made with all organic and 100% human grade ingredients. All treats are baked at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas.
  • Planet Dog- One of our popular toy brands now makes treats! All of Planet Dog's Treats are made in America, oven-baked and packed with flavor at only 5 calories per treat. They come in two flavors, Blueberry and Turkey. 
  • Preppy Puppy- All of our birthday cakes and cupcakes and other fun treats are made in the USA! Check out the Preppy Puppy selection. If you are looking for the breakdown of their ingredients, here is there Ingredient Statement.
  • BoJangles- our iced cookies in the store are locally made in San Antonio. They also bake biscuits in our 8 ounce bags. These cookies always look good enough to eat, and with human grade ingredients, you can! (Although they won't taste as good to you as they do to your pup).


  • Antlers- all of our Antlers are naturally sourced from America. Most are from Texas, although our Elk antlers are from the Midwest! No bleaching or dyeing or chemically washed. 
  • Butcher's Block- We recently did a post announcing Butcher's Block as one of our newest vendors. You can read more about them here. This Nebraska company is sure to make its way to the top of you favorites list.
  • RedBarn- RedBarn is another American company that we love. We currently carry their Bully Treats, Mammoth Bones, Shank Bones, and Knuckles