Behind the Design

Behind the Design

You may have heard that Dogologie released their own line of breed specific products. We were having trouble getting other vendors to carry the obscure breeds, so we thought "Why not make them ourselves?"

We went through several mock ups before we decided on our simple silhouette design. We knew that there are so many coat variants and eye colors that we would have to carry so many versions of the same dog if we were to do any of our designs in color. Simple is better. 

So we spent months creating silhouettes of over 200 breeds. And now they are ready for you! We have tee shirts in 4 colors, mugs, hats, and socks (which are coming soon!). The hats and shirts will be in store and online, while the mugs will be online only. Once our socks arrive, they will be both in store and online. 




Socks (Coming Soon)

If you find that we don't have your breed, email us and tell us your rare breed! And we can add it to our list to create. We are always up for adding new breeds to our catalog. As always, let us know how we can help you today.