Bonding with Your New Dog

Bonding with Your New Dog

We have noticed an awesome trend lately. Our local City Shelter has very few dogs left, and the Hill Country SPCA has most of their dogs in foster homes! All across the nation, animal adoptions are up. That may be the one good thing to come out of corona and quarantine. Animals are finding their forever homes. If you have recently adopted a new dog or puppy, here's some helpful tips and information to help you bond with your new family member. 

Just how long does it take a rescue dog to settle into your life?

There is a 3-3-3 rule that helps explain what your new dog is going through. 

It takes about 3 days for Fido to decompress from the environment they were previously in. Take this time to just let them be. Have a nice quiet area for your new dog to rest in. This is not the time to have playdates and bring everyone over to see your furry family member, even though you are very excited about your new pup. Let the first couple of days be as easy and quiet as possible. It will take time for your new dog to come out of their shell. 

3 weeks into this new relationship, you will notice that Fido is settling into their new life comfortably. This is when you will see your new dog's personality. They will start to love their new routine. Now is the time to start working on training, teaching your dog manners and what behaviors are and are not acceptable. 

After 3 months, your new dog should be completely comfortable in their new home. Of course, training is a lifelong experience. But Fido has put their complete trust in you and they love you. They know and expect to live out their life in your home. 

Tips for Bonding with New Dog:

  • Have a Routine. Stick to a schedule; feed, walk, and play around the same time every day.
  • Be Consistent with Rules. Don't tell Fido it's okay to jump on the furniture one day and then tell them to get off the couch the next day. Establish your rules from the get go and be consistent. 
  • Play Together. Play a fun game of fetch or tug of war. Break out some new toys every once in a while. Treats and toys are important tools when working on building a bond with your dog. 
  • Take a Dog Obedience Class. Taking a group class together is a great way to socialize your new dog while learning some very important skills. Do your homework and continue to work on the tricks and commands you learn in class. Working together to become a good dog and dog owner is a great way to strengthen your bond with your new dog. 

Do you have a new dog? Bring them into Dogologie for a special day! Pick out new toys and sample some treats. Our team would love to hear the story of how you two found each other! And let us know how we can help you work on strengthening your bond with your new family member.