Butcher's Block Pet Treats

Butcher's Block Pet Treats

We are excited to announce a brand new vendor, Butcher's Block Pet Treats, an all American company.

Butcher's Block bones are made in Nebraska, and they come from the same farms the provide the USDA Angus and Hereford Cattle for meat for Kirklands and Kroger. 

They are 100% all natural, created by slow roasting to keep the marrow (unlike our current bones that are quickly baked at high temperatures). 


"Our bones are slow roasted to bake in flavor and achieve a 24 month shelf life. Each and every bone is hand trimmed prior to placement on the oven racks. Our treats, too, are unique in the fact that they are one ingredient: the beef product only. They're slow roasted in one of our 14 ovens with no additives and no preservatives—100% Natural."
-Butcher's Block


We fully believe in this company and know they offer high quality treats and bones, only the best for our dogs.