Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette

Dogologie hosts several fundraisers benefitting the Fredericksburg Dog Park Association, an organization that has worked hard to bring our city a dog park and to help maintain its upkeep. We are so excited for the city of Fredericksburg, a very dog friendly town, to finally have a dog park of their own. Another place for dogs and dog lovers to meet and play. Since we encourage our guests to visit the park, we would like to share some Dog Park Etiquette with our audiences.


Please, No Sick Doggies

If your pup has been feeling under the weather (lethargic, upset stomach, etc.), please don’t risk exposing other dogs by bringing them to the park. Stay at home and learn a new trick or play a game. Visit the dog park when your baby is feeling better.

Proper Vaccinations

Make sure that your dog has all of their vaccinations. Some cities have different requirements than others. Being up to date on Rabies is a MUST. It is also a good idea to receive regular DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus) and Bordetella (Kennel cough) vaccinations. 

Pick Up After Fido

No one likes stepping in poop. To make sure you are not a part of the problem, pick up after your dog. There should be waste bags at the park, but just in case they are out, it is always a good idea to bring some of your own.

Make Sure Your Pup Is a Perfect Fit For The Park

Please keep dogs that have aggressive tendencies, dogs that are in heat or pregnant, and puppies (under the age of 6 months) at home. It is safer for both the dogs and owners.

Follow The Rules

Rules are there for a reason, to keep people and canines safe. Therefore, we must always obey the park rules. They will be posted at the gate of any dog park.

Dog Parks Are For Dogs, Not Kids

Just because it is called a park does not mean that it is geared towards (or safe for) children. Please don’t bring small children to play in the dog park. Instead, take your pup and children on a walk or quick hike at your local nature trail together if you want to involve both in an activity.

Smart and Socialized

Make sure your dog is well socialized and has some basic manners, like sit stay and come. They should be friendly towards other dogs and their owners. They should listen to you when you call. That way, your pup is not a nuisance to other park visitors.

No Food

Some dogs can be food aggressive or they can become a resource hoarder, meaning they will protect their resources (like treats and food) that they are given or may find. Avoid that possibility by leaving snacks and treats at home or in the car. And make sure that both you and your dog stay hydrated, especially in the summer heat.

Supervision Is A Must

The dog park is not a doggy day care. You cannot drop your pup off for a couple of hours and come back to pick up a tired pooch. You must constantly watch your dog while visiting the park. So if Fido leaves a mess, you can clean it up, because as we stated before, you must pick up after your dog. Monitoring your dog also ensures that you can stop bad behavior before it happens. Stay off the phone and stay engaged with your baby while at the park.

Up To Date

Make sure your dog wears the proper identification required in your city. They must have their rabies tag on them, and they should always have a tag with either their name or yours and the best phone number to reach you at.

Dog parks can be great fun, especially when you know these tips. Let us know what we left off or what some of your favorite tips and tricks are for visiting your dog park. We would love to add to our list! As always, we would love for you to come visit us at Dogologie so we can spoil your pup and help you navigate your time in Fredericksburg.