Dogs and Your Health

Dogs and Your Health

As dog parents, we cannot argue with the fact that dogs make our lives better. They are always there to greet us after a long day at work. They never hold a grudge and can bring a smile to even the worst moments. Dogs can be the best shoulder to cry on. They are always there to listen. 

We recently had a guest in the store share part of her life story. She told us that her little dog had come into her life just one week after her mother suddenly passed away. This new dog became the reason she got out of bed, even though she felt like she couldn't move. Day after day, she slowly began to feel more like herself, thanks to her new family member. She told us that her dog saved her life. 

Dogs are amazing, and they don't have to try very hard. 

Owning any pet can having many health benefits, but we are going to focus on the benefits of owning a dog. 

Benefits of Owning a Dog

  • Dogs can help lower stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Dogs can boost self esteem.
  • Dogs can lower blood pressure.
  • People with dogs are less likely to battle depression than those without.
  • Dogs can help you recover from mental illness.
  • Dogs keep you on a routine.
  • Dogs help you increase your exercise.
  • Dogs can help you make friends (or even met your life long partner).
  • Dogs provide companionship
  • Owning a dog can teach responsibility to children. 


We know we missed a lot of other benefits, but you can easily see why having any pet can make your life better. We also know that owning a dog can be stressful at times. That's why Dogologie is here to help. We strive to be your faithful friend and assist in anyway we can to improve your relationship with your dog. How can we help you today?