Dogs and Music

Dogs and Music

What is your dog’s favorite music?

This cute video shows that this puppy clearly doesn't like country music. But he is perfectly content with the spanish station.  

Did you know there are certain songs that are perfect for dogs? Not too high, and not too low. These songs are perfect to relax your pup. In our Dog Pause, we have a playlist of classical music that has frequencies specifically designed for dogs. The songs do not contain any notes too high or low that would bother our doggy guests. The tempos to the songs are slow to encourage lower heart rates and lower stress. Every song is relaxing and calming.

Studies show that dogs enjoy classical, soft rock, and reggae. But it really depends on the dog. So we gathered some of our favorite playlists for our dogs and wanted to share that with you.

Spotify even has a new Pet feature you have to check out, "Spotify/Pet"


Spotify: Songs for Dog Therapy

Spotify: Soft Rock for Dogs

Spotify: Reggae for Dogs

Apple: Dog Sleep

Apple: Classical Chillout

Test different genres of music out with your pup, but please pay attention when trying out new songs. If your dog starts to shake, whimper, or pant, they are most likely anxious and the music should be changed. Let us know what your dog’s favorite song is!