Getting The Perfect Family Photo

Getting The Perfect Family Photo

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The holidays are coming. Colder weather is hopefully upon us. And soon, our mailboxes are going to be flooded with Christmas and Holiday cards. If you’re like us at Dogologie, we consider our dogs as part of our family. And we love to include them in everything. But sometimes it’s hard to get the perfect family photo with everyone looking their best, or at least all looking at the camera.

If the thought of trying to take the perfect family photo fills you with dread, the Dogologist has some tips to make the experience more enjoyable.



We believe dogs should be taught manners at an early age. Make sure Fido knows some basic commands; like sit, down, and stay. They don’t have to be perfect, but having those simple skills can really improve your photography session.

It’s also a good idea to have a leash and harness or collar on hand to help keep your dog in one place.

Play Hard

If you have a high energy dog, you should probably schedule time in the day to go on an extra long walk or a long play session. A tired dog is a calm dog. They will be more likely to sit still and listen better.

Treats and Toys

Don’t forget your dog’s favorite treats or toy. If they are behaving well, reward them. And treats are always a good incentive to sit, at least long enough to snap a decent photo. Treats and toys will help keep your dog engaged in this activity.

Doggy Perfume

It’s never fun to have a stinky dog. Especially if you’re having to sit next to them for a long period of time. If you’re able to, give your dog a bath before taking your family holiday photos. If you are short on time, at least spray a nice scented dog spray on them before your photo sessions.

Familiar Setting

Try to have your family photos done in a familiar location. You dog will be less inclined to sniff and roam if they have been there before. If you have to go to a new location, give yourself plenty of time to let your dog explore their new surroundings.


When trying to get the perfect photo of your dog, DON’T repeat your dogs name over and over again. They will want to run right over to whoever is calling them.

DON’T have the photographer show their favorite food or treats by the camera. It’s just tempting them to run toward their reward.



Put your dog up on a platform of some kind, whether it is a chair, tree stump, hay bale, etc. The edge gives a small barrier, and your dog has to take the time to decide whether they want to jump down or not. It gives you more time to reward them for staying in place.

Have the photographer, or someone else behind the camera, make unfamiliar and interesting sounds. Something to keep the dog interested and looking in the right direction. Like the sound of a plastic bag, bird chirping, or any fun sound that’s not a whistle.


We hope that these tips help you get the perfect family photo. Remember to be flexible and have fun. Add some fun dog sweaters and hats to add to the festivities. Don’t forget to tag us in your holiday photos on social media, we always love to see them.