GUEST POST: Practical Tips for Dog Owners Who Must Seek Medical Care

GUEST POST: Practical Tips for Dog Owners Who Must Seek Medical Care

Here is our first guest post from Brandon at Fur and Feathers. Below are great tips for those who have to seek medical attention. 

Practical Tips for Dog Owners Who Must Seek Medical Care for COVID-19 

If you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and a medical professional has suggested that you get care immediately, then doing so should be your top priority. And if you have a dog that you will have to leave behind as you seek medical attention, it can add even more stress to the situation. That’s why it’s so important to take any steps you can to ensure that your companion is well cared for in your absence. 

From finding a qualified pet sitter to pet-proofing your home to showering your dog with hugs and kisses, here are some practical tips for when you must leave your pooch behind.


Look for a good sitter. 

Your pet is your family. So, obviously you want to do everything within your power to make sure they are taken care of while you’re away. Ask around your network of family, friends, and acquaintances for recommendations, and research online reviews of pet sitters in your area. 

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If possible, interview three or more candidates before hiring someone (while meeting in person is best, this may not be practical, giving the timeframe of your situation). Along with checking customer reviews, make sure any candidate you’re considering is licensed, insured, and/or bonded 

Communicate with the sitter.

Once you’ve found a sitter you are comfortable leaving your buddy with, be sure to set up a means of communication. Along with essential medical information, leave your sitter with your cell phone number, the number of the medical facility you are going to, and the number of your vet office. Also, write out your dog’s daily routine—including feeding times, playtimes, walk times, medication doses, and so on—and leave it with the sitter.

Get some new goodies. 

Of course, when you must leave your pet behind for any amount of time, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy them some new things. Plus, getting them new stuff can help them to feel more comfortable while you’re gone. 

For instance, consider investing in a new bed for your dog to keep them cozy. If their toy bin has remained unchanged for a while, look into ordering some new toys, which can help prevent them from wrecking the furniture and other areas of the home. Finally, make sure you leave your sitter plenty of high-quality dog food (including foods that are designed specifically for older dogs) to serve your dog while you’re gone.

Make sure the home is safe.

Along with choosing a good sitter and buying new items to leave with your dog, it’s essential to pet-proof your home before you go. If there are any holes or gaps in your yard’s fence, try to get them fixed. Be sure to put all medications, household cleaning products, insecticides, electrical cords, and any other hazards out of reach. 

Also, lock up any of your own valuables; even if you trust your pet sitter, this can provide peace of mind. Furthermore, if you have a nanny cam, you can check in on your pooch from time to time; just be sure to notify the sitter that you have a camera. 

Put it on thick.

Finally, it’s not a proper goodbye unless you load your dog down with hugs and kisses. Be sure to show your best friend a little extra affection before you leave, and ensure them that you will be returning home as soon as possible. They will understand. 

Having to seek medical care for COVID-19 is stressful, and having to leave your dog behind can make it even more difficult. Find a pet sitter with whom you feel comfortable leaving your fiend, and be sure to give them any essential information and communicate with them while you’re gone. Also, look for new things to buy for your buddy, and prepare your home so that it’s safe while you’re away. Lastly, shower your dog with affection and let them know that you’re coming back soon!

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Thanks, Brandon for this great post! We hope you are all happy and healthy. Stay safe out there. How can we help you today? Contact us or stop by our store in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.