GUEST POST: Your Way to Balancing a New Business and a New Dog

GUEST POST: Your Way to Balancing a New Business and a New Dog

Our friend, Cindy from Our Dog Friends, wrote us a great article on balancing your work life with a new dog. She focuses on those who have started a new business, and being a small business ourselves, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to share these tips!

Your Way to Balancing a New Business and a New Dog

If you’ve just adopted a new dog, you’re going to need a few fun toys and playtime essentials — especially if you need to keep your new pup entertained while you work on building a brand new business. That’s a lot of “newness” all at once, yes, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. You just need to take a page off your dog’s game plan and then use these tips to stay balanced and save stress. 

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Prepare Your Budget 

Welcoming a furry family member and opening a new business are both exciting transitions. But let’s get real: They can also be pretty darn expensive! This is why, if you’re balancing the two at the same time, you really need to work on balancing your budget. You may already be budgeting for things like food, vet care, startup costs, and marketing expenses — and that’s smart! 

Know that there are some pretty simple ways to save on each of these to help keep your wallet from getting overwhelmed. For your business, look into online solutions on how to register a business in Texas. If you want to register as an LLC, a formation service can save you a bundle in legal fees — plus, you’ll see even more savings when it comes time to do your taxes. As a bonus, you’ll save time. To save on your furkid’s expenses, consider signing up for pet insurance to help out with all of those vet bills. 

Take Breaks and Get Help When Needed 

While energetic dogs are fun to watch, your new pup may be running around because they’re not getting enough exercise to work out their insane amount of energy. That can lead to stress for you. 

If you are building your business from home, schedule breaks to get out and get in some good walk or playtime with your pet. Being able to establish this sort of work-life balance from the start will be beneficial for your health, your sanity, your pet, and even your business

Finding it hard to squeeze in breaks during the workday? Use apps to hire people to help out with your pet — pet sitters can drop in on your pup. Dog walkers can exercise your pup. Have a high-energy dog that needs a lot of exercise? Consider enrolling them in daycare. With a wealth of pet services at your fingertips, you won't need to miss an important virtual meeting!

Save Some Time for Bonding, Stress Relief, and Self-Care 

Nothing relieves stress like a sweet little nose rub from your new pet — and you definitely need a few stress-reducing tricks up your sleeve if you’re starting a business! In addition to giving your pet belly rubs, be sure to leave time for other forms of essential self-care. Basic habits like drinking more water, getting more exercise (yay for dog walks!), and eating healthy can help you feel your best and be more productive. Better yet, you can include your new BFF in your new self-care routines because they need stress relief, too! 

If you really want to relieve stress, stay sane, and bond with your furkid, it’s also a good idea to pencil in a nice little holiday with them on your calendar. Taking a vacation may be difficult for motivated entrepreneurs, but that time away can actually help you be more productive and successful. With more people traveling with their pets, finding accommodations and activities should be easy. 

With a new furkid and a new business, you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Congratulations on all of these exciting life changes! Save yourself the stress by putting these tips to good use. Most importantly, know that you don’t have to be perfect at either — just do your best and reach out for help when needed. Good luck!