Have a Fun and Safe July Fourth

Have a Fun and Safe July Fourth

Did you know that shelters see about a 30% increase of stray dogs and cats during fireworks season? To us, fireworks are a fun way of celebrating holidays. To pets, they are loud and scary.

Here are a couple of tips to have a fun and safe Fourth of July.



Make sure your pets are up to date on their identification, their micro-chip and tags. 

Updated Photo
Have a current photo of your pet. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it will be super helpful when you do need a photo.

Stay In Doors
If at all possible, keep your pets inside during the fireworks celebration.

Anxiety Shirts
If your dog is nervous around loud noises, like thunder, try a ThunderShirt. It has the same effect as swaddling a baby and can help calm your nervous pup.

If you are going to be gone over night, consider kenneling your dog. Ask the kennel or boarding facility how they plan to help keep their guests calm during the fireworks.


    These are just a couple of suggestions to help keep your pet safe during the Fourth of July festivities.