Hiking with Your Dog

Hiking with Your Dog

Spring is upon us and that means more outdoor activities! And a lot of people love to enjoy the outdoors with their dogs. Hiking a great way to exercise with your pup and a good bonding activity. You both are able to explore and see new things that are not in your normal routine.

Here are a couple of safety tips and tricks for your next hike with your dog.

Safety Tips and Tricks

 Don’t Over Do It

Make sure that you and your pup are ready to hit the trails. When you begin, start small. You don’t want to strain yourself or your dog. Go on a couple of training hikes, short and easy. That will help toughen up their paws and get them used to the trails.

If You’re Hot, They Are Too

Always check the temperature of the surface your dog is walking on. You do not want to blister and burn their paws. If it is too hot for you, then it is way too hot for your pup to be walking on the hot ground. Consider looking at boots for your dog to protect their paws from the heat.

Stay Hydrated

If you are hungry, thirsty, or tired, they are too. Take breaks. Sit in the shade and enjoy the views. Make sure to pack extra water and treats for you and your dog, as you are both using more energy than in a normal day.

Water Safety

If you are hiking along water and decide to let your pup swim, do NOT let them swim or play in the water too long. The water will soften their paws and they will be more prone to rip and shred. That is incredibly painful and can be very dangerous.


Talk to your vet and ask their opinion on how many miles and what type of challenges your dog can handle. Make sure they are up to date on all of their shots, and consider rattlesnake or lymes vaccinations as well. Keep your vet information and identification tags on your dog too.

As always, you should check with the parks or sites to make sure pets are allowed and if there are any restrictions. Most trails require pets to be on a leash at all times. Some even have a leash length requirement. Look at the rules and regulations beforehand to ensure you and your dog are able to get the best out of your adventures in nature.


If you have any questions or are looking for some new hiking gear, please stop by Dogologie and ask a team member. We love helping our guests prepare for their next adventure.