Must Haves for Any Dog Lover's Home

Must Haves for Any Dog Lover's Home

As dog owners ourselves, we know that owning a dog is so much fun! But it can take a toll on your home. We understand that the reality of being a dog lover is inconvenient. Being a companion to the dog lover lifestyle means helping out in any way we can. Dogologie wants to help out you and your home. We came up with a list of must haves for any dog lover's home.

Must Haves For Your Home:

Molly Mutt Sofa Cover- If you find yourself constantly lint rolling and vacuuming your couch, and it is still covered in dog hair, try the Molly Mutt Sofa Covers. These covers are super durable and they are easy to wash and care for. We have four styles that come in two sizes; a 2 seat and a 3 seat couch.

Soggy Doggy Doormat- Are you tired of wiping away dirty paw prints at the back door? No matter the weather, your pup still manages to come in with wet paws every single time? We love the Soggy Doggy Doormats because they truly trap moisture and help dry your dog’s feet off. We use the small one for our water bowl inside the store to keep our floor clean from all the thirsty dogs that visit us. We know the Soggy Doggy mats are a must have for any RV and dog owners.

Fur Give Me Candle- We talk a lot about these candles, and that’s because we cannot get enough! We use them in our dog pause area when one of our guest’s has an accident. It doesn’t just mask the odor, it eliminates it.

Kitchen Towel- Okay. These might not be the most helpful dog lover essentials, but we just think they are so cute. With six different sayings, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you.

Must Haves For Your Dog:

We didn’t want to leave your dog out! Here are two great products for any dog lover home that are specifically for your dog.

Heyday Beds- WestPaw is one of our favorite brands, and when they launched a new bed line, they quickly became a staple in our homes. These Heyday Beds are nice and fluffy, durable and easy to clean. Plus they are USA made and made with recycled material. How cool is that!?

Messy Mutt’s Stainless Steel Bowls- Everyone needs a good dog bowl. Messy Mutt bowls are great! The removable base prevents the dog from sliding their bowl everywhere while they eat. The base and the bowl are dishwasher safe.


What are some must haves in your home? Special thanks to the BarkBlogger for this cute picture of her pup at our Dogologie Haus.