New Puppy Basics

New Puppy Basics

Thinking of getting a new dog or puppy? Do you already have your new family member, but you aren’t sure what the next step? Don’t worry, the Dogologist is here to help.

There are a lot of items your new puppy will need. And, here at Dogologie, we have got your back. We carry almost everything you will need, and if not, we can point you in the right direction.Wondering what those items are? Let’s get started.



Some of the basic necessities include bowls for water and food. With puppies we suggest feeding them a puppy formulated food, this will ensure that the puppy is getting the correct nutrients to grow and develop properly. Usually, your breeder or shelter will tell you what food they had your dog on and will offer you a small bag of it. If you decide to switch your dog’s food we suggest doing so gradually over 4 weeks:

Week 1: ¾ old food, ¼ new

Week 2: ½ old food, ½ new

Week 3: ¼ old food, ¾ new

Week 4: all new food.

We also suggest getting a food storage bin, to keep your dog food fresh, and a dog food scoop, to measure out how much food you are giving your dog. Most dog foods have a recommended amount of food to feed your dog daily.

Water and Food Bowl
Dog food

Dog Food Storage Bin
Dog Food Scoop 




Every puppy will need to leave the house for one reason or the other; whether it is to go to the vet, go for a walk, go outside for potty breaks, or simply start basic obedience training. You will need a collar with identification tags, a leash, and dog waste bags.

Dogs should always be on a leash when outside a fenced area for their safety and other dogs’ safety. You never know when a car or other object will spook your pet and make them run. The collar and identification tags need to be on your dog at ALL times, this way if your dog escapes from your house or their leash whoever finds them will have their name and a contact number to reach you.

We also suggest a harness, martingale collar, or a slip collar. These items are highly recommended because they will help you in teaching your dog not to pull which makes your walking experience much more enjoyable. 

Collar with Tags
Waste Bags

Slip collar



You’re going to want to get a dog bed or mat for your pup to sleep on. You may also need to buy a blanket for your dog if they like to borrow.

Dog Bed





As a responsible dog owner, you need to train your dog. We suggest crate training your dog. This means you will have your dog in a crate during the day/night when you are not home. This will aid in potty training and also keep your new puppy from destroying your house while you are not there.

You will need a crate, a crate mat/bed, and potty pads. Even though you will take your new puppy out all the time to take potty breaks accidents will happen so you will need the right cleaning products to clean up the mess.

You will also want to reward your new puppy when they go potty outside or respond to a command correctly so of course, you will need training treats.

Dog Crate
Crate Bed
Potty Pads
Training Treats
Cleaning Products




Having lots of toys for your puppy is essential to keep them from destroying your house. Puppies have a lot of energy and they need a method to expel that energy. If you don’t give them way to play they will find a way and usually that means chewing shoes or baseboards, or digging holes in your yard. There are many different toys you can get them. 

Plush and Squeaky toys are a great option if you need to be able to play indoors with your dog. They can also be something your dog can cuddle up with.

Chew toys will be a lifesaver and we even have some with 100% guarantees.

Rope toys are also a great option for dogs to chew on as it helps clean their teeth and gives them something to try and get apart.

Fetch toys are great to use to take your dogs outside and run off some energy.

Plush/ Squeaky Toy
Chew Toy
Fetch Toys
Bully Chews



 If you plan on traveling with your dog, you are going to want to make sure you bring one of everything above. Thankfully we have a few things that are travel size so you aren’t dragging around their big food and water bowls. We also have a bag so you can carry all their toys, food, and treats with you. We also suggest if you are going to have them in the car to have a carrier, a car seat or a seatbelt strap to keep them in place in the car.

Portable Water Bowl
Car Seat
Seatbelt Strap
Carry Bag
(Stay tuned for our post about traveling with your dog)




You have to keep your dog healthy and we have a few ways to help you do that and keep your dog out of the vets’ office for any unnecessary trips.

Dental care is a big thing, if you don’t take care of your dogs teeth you could end up having to put your dog under anesthesia to have his or her teeth cleaned by the vet. This can be very dangerous and is unnecessary if you take some preventative measures. We recommend PlaqueOff and a Whimzee chew.

PlaqueOff is a product that is added to the dogs water to help soften the plaque on dogs teeth. A Whimzee is a dental chew made out of potato starch and helps to scrape that now softened plaque off your dog’s teeth without hurting them.

Another big thing are the different Flea and Tick Treatments. There are many options available, including a pill, topical treatment, shampoo, and sprays. Fleas and ticks can give your dogs different preventable diseases so protecting them is a must.

We also carry a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners and sprays to keep your dog clean. While some dogs can be bathed at home others may need to be taken to a groomer to be bathed. You can take the shampoo you get at Dogologie with you to the groomer for them to use. Shampoos, conditioners and sprays also offer a way to treat mild skin conditions like shedding, hotspots, allergies, and dryness without having to go to your vet.

Dental Care
Vitamins and Supplements
Brush and Comb
Shampoo and Conditioner
Deodorizing Spray
Nail Clippers


Don’t forget to bring your new pup into the store! We will get them set up with everything they need, and some items for you as well. We won’t pass up a chance to love on a new puppy!