Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities

I love those occasional rainy days that makes me want to stay in bed and cuddle with my dog. But when those occasional days turn into a week of rain, we start to get cabin fever. So we gathered the best tips, tricks, and ideas to stay entertained and busy during those days we have to stay inside. 

5 of the Best Rainy Day Activities

1. Dog Puzzles and Treat Balls

Puzzles are a great idea because they keep your pup busy and they can help boost intelligence. The very basic puzzle is a “treat ball”, where you put some treats inside a ball with a small opening and your dog has to roll it around to get the tricks. You can even try feeding your dog their dinner in a treat ball! It will keep them engaged and slow down their eating.

2. Learn New Tricks

If you and your dog are both stuck inside together, why not use that time to learn something new? Work on basic puppy manners and go from there. Is your pup already a master at the basics? Try a fun trick to show off at your next playdate. 

3. Bake Dog Treats

There are so many recipes out there for simple dog treats. Pick your favorite and try it out! See what flavor is your pup’s favorite. It may surprise you.

4. Tug of War

This one is a classic. Not only does it get your dog moving, but it will help you burn off some calories as well. One of my favorite ways to play is a mixture of tug of war, fetch, and working on commands. We start off with tugging on the toy together, then I will tell my dog to drop it. I’ll make her do a couple of tricks before I throw the toy for her to fetch. And we mix it up every time. 

5. iFetch and iFrenzey and iDigs

We love the iFetch products because they keep our dogs entertained for hours! The original iFetch is an interactive ball launcher that does the work for you. The iFrenzey is for a dog with a slower-paced lifestyle. Just drop the ball at the top of the iFrenzey and it will randomly roll out of one of three slots. The newest product from iFetch is the iDig, the first digging toy! With different levels of digging, the iDig offers hours of physical activity, without the mess. 


Those are a couple of my favorite indoor activities to help keep my dog busy during bad weather days.The most important thing is to keep your dog occupied so they don’t become bored and destructive. Give them an outlet for their energy. Try some of our games and let us know what worked best with your dog!