Reviews: Dragon from Animal Supply Company

Reviews: Dragon from Animal Supply Company

We love this toy because it is soft enough to cuddle with, but tough enough to play tug of war. They have a durable lining to help hold up against those destructive dogs and have a built in squeaker to keep your dog interested. These cute dragons come in two different sizes so they are perfect for the small puppy and the large pup! 

Don’t believe us? Here is what you have told us:

“These toys are the best! Even my destructive chewer doesn’t tear them up!... Hammer, my dog, is obsessed with destroying toys, and he has had these for years without being able to make a single tear in them.” 

  • Lisa R, Facebook.

Of course, no toy is completely indestructible. And every dog is different, so make sure you supervise playtime with any toy and to take the toy away if your dog has begun to tear it apart.