Reviews: Gold Paw Fleece Lightweight Sweaters

Reviews: Gold Paw Fleece Lightweight Sweaters

One of our favorite and universal sweaters is our Gold Paw Fleece Lightweight Sweaters. This is a thin, but warm fleece sweater that can fit any dog between 2 lbs to 102 lbs. Gold Paw's Fleece Sweaters can be worn indoors and outside. Its thin enough to even be worn as a liner for those in the colder parts of the world. 

Gold Paw is proudly made in the USA. They wear and wash really well. We've had several guests come in and tell us that they've had their sweater for years and it's gone through multiple dogs. The material is soft and stretchy. 

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Here's what we have to say about Gold Paw Fleece Lightweight Sweaters:

From Team Member Kayla

"My dog, Moose, is a catahoula-lab mix with very thin fur and he is constantly cold. He's in a size 22 sweater and he loves it! It keeps him warm and he can wear it all day. It's thin enough to not restrict any of his daily activities, which mostly consists of napping. And it did great in the washer the other day."

From Jennifer D via Gold Paw's Site. 

"We love our new fleece from Gold Paw series! It’s so hard to find sweaters that actually fit my boy's chest, but this fits so perfectly! It is so soft and comfortable for him to wear anywhere. Most sweaters we have tried in the past from other places are too small or they are stiff so he would end up getting rubs under his arms. This new fleece doesn’t do that at all, so he actually enjoys wearing it when it is chilly outside. We are so happy with it! Thanks Gold Paw!"


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