Spoil Your Dog on Their Birthday

Spoil Your Dog on Their Birthday

Is someone’s birthday coming up? Are you not sure how to celebrate? Don’t worry, the Dogologist is here to help. Here are 7 ways to show your dog how special they are on their birthday.


7 Ways to Spoil Your Dog on Their Birthday


  1. Let Your Dog Pick Out a Gift

Spoil your dog by letting them chose their present. Bring your pup into Dogologie and let them pick out their next favorite toy. Let them sample all of our treats and get some extra pets from our amazing team members. Don’t live close? Shop online or call us to help you and your dog pick the best present for them.


  1. Explore a New Trail or Park Together

Does your dog like to hike and explore? Find a new trail and explore together. Your pup will enjoy the new smells and love spending time with you. Make sure to give them some extra time to sniff everything.

If you live in the Fredericksburg area, there are several options for you and your dog to enjoy. Cross Mountain is a local park and recently added a new nature trail and the base of the “mountain”. Lady Bird Johnson Park has a nature trail and that is where our dog park is located. There is a new nature trail at Fort Martin Scott to explore. And if you are really feeling adventurous, drive out to Enchanted Rock and you can do the 4 mile hike around the Loop Trail at Enchanted Rock.


  1. Pamper and Spoil Them

Looking to pamper your pup on their special day? Try making them a homemade meal. There are so many healthy and easy recipes out there. Don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen? Go on an extra long walk, or grab a peanut butter filled toy and surprise your dog with it.


  1. Explore Local Pet Friendly Stores

If you live in an area where there are several pet friendly stores, why not go shopping with your dog? They will love all of the attention they will get and it’s a great way to spend some quality time together.

We are so lucky that Dogologie is located on Main Street in Fredericksburg. Main Street is a very dog friendly shopping area, and some stores will even have treats for their four legged visitors. Make sure to pick up a “Happy Birthday” accessory from Dogologie so everyone can know it’s their birthday.


  1. Go For a Drive

Some dogs love to go for a ride. They still their heads out the windows and enjoy the breeze. If your pup is one of those dogs, why not spoil them with a fun drive around town. Drive past places that they may not have experienced before. New sights and smells are always exciting.


  1. Have a Doggie Movie Night

After a nice long day of celebrating your pup’s birthday, nothing sounds better than watching a movie with your best friend. Jump in your pjs, make some popcorn (including extra for your dog), and start cuddling with the birthday dog.


  1. Have a Dog Birthday Party

If you have a pretty social pup, throw a doggy birthday party. Make sure to keep it small, bigger isn’t always better. Having a few dog guests makes it easier to keep an eye on the guests. If you want to serve some treats, you can pick up either a dog friendly birthday cake, cupcakes, or cookies from Dogologie.  You can create “doggy bags” for your guests with some treats and even a toy or two. Don’t forget to have water handy for your guests. And keep cleaning supplies near by just in case there is an accident.


Those are just a couple of fun ideas to help you celebrate your four-legged best friend’s special day. You know your dog better than anyone, so do whatever you think will make them happy. We hope that whatever you decide to do, you and your dog have one of the best days ever. Don’t forget to share pictures of your day with us at Dogologie.