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Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

We love our dogs. And we want what’s best for them. We are always striving to be the best dog parents, so here are some tips that we have collected throughout the years.

Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy

1. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is the foundation in a healthy dog’s life. A healthy diet leads to a healthy coat, longer life span, and an all around great dog. Different breeds may have different requirements when it comes to their food. Discuss different diet options with your vet. 

If you are looking for human grade options, check out these three options. There are many more out there, so make sure you do your research. 

Spot and Tango

The Farmer's Dog

Nom Nom

2. Regular Exercise

Just like with people, staying fit and exercising regularly helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and can increase dogs’ lifespan. It lowers stress in dogs and can help fight pet obesity, which we know can shorten anyone’s life. 

Need help keeping your dog active? Check out these toys.




3. Dental Health

Dental care is a big thing, if you don’t take care of your dog’s teeth you may have to have them professionally cleaned by your vet, which can be stressful and costly. You can either brush your dog’s teeth or do a combination of an additive and a dental toy or chew. We recommend PlaqueOff and a Whimzee chew or Yummy Combs. PlaqueOff is a product that is added to the dogs water to help soften the plaque on dogs teeth. A Whimzees and Yumm Combs are dental chews made out of easily digestible ingredients and helps to scrape that softened plaque off your dog’s teeth without hurting them. 

Yummy Combs


Plaque Off

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

4. Regular Check Ups

It’s always a good idea to do regular check ups with your vet. You want to make sure that if a problem does occur, the vet is able to find it before it becomes untreatable. It’s also a good idea to keep your pups up to date with all of their vaccinations, especially if your dog likes to go to the dog park, play with other dogs, or explore new areas. 

5. Pet Insurance 

Life is crazy, and no one can predict what will happen next. Having some type of Pet Insurance can help when those unpredicted moments arise. Pet Insurance can help you when you have unexpected emergency pet bills. We have insurance for our other family members, why not for our more furry member? Check out’s recent article on Pet Insurance.


As always, consult your vet before making any major lifestyle changes to your dog’s life. We hope these tips will help you and your pet. Dogs are a special part of our life and we want to help increase those lives. Let us know how we can help you today. Stop in for a visit.

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American Made: Jiminy's

American Made: Jiminy's

From Oakland California, Jiminy's goal is to give millions of pets a healthier, happier life – and in the process, make our planet healthier too. They have created a new, sustainable dog treat that replaces animal protein with cricket protein. 

Jiminy's strives to be eco-friendly. Using cricket protein saves land, water, and reduces greenhouse gases. Did you know that with just one 5oz bag of Jiminy's treats, you are saving 220 gallons of water! 

Insect protein is considered a superfood! This protein itself (without additives) meets or exceeding AAFCO requirements for dogs in so many areas – not bad for one of the smallest animal protein sources out there! It is also digestible! The insect proteins we work with score above 80 in digestibility studies with dogs – that qualifies these proteins as “high-quality protein” for the dogs.

Simply put, Jiminy's treats are delicious, nutritious, sustainable, humane and hypoallergenic!

To learn more about our newest treats, visit the Jiminy's website

Order yours TODAY.

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Water Safety for Dogs

Water Safety for Dogs

One way to spend your summer is on the water. It is one of the best ways to stay cool during these hot days. And of course, no summer day is complete without your dog by your side. Most dogs are fairly good swimmers, so why do they need a life jacket? Read on to find out more...

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Dogs and Your Health

Dogs and Your Health
As dog parents, we cannot argue with the fact that dogs make our lives better. They are always there to greet us after a long day at work. Owning any pet can having many health benefits, but we are going to focus on the benefits of owning a dog.  Continue reading

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities
I love those occasional rainy days that makes me want to stay in bed and cuddle with my dog. But when those occasional days turn into a week of rain, we start to get cabin fever. So we gathered the best tips, tricks, and ideas to stay entertained and busy during those days we have to stay inside.  Continue reading

Hiking with Your Dog

Hiking with Your Dog

Spring is upon us and that means more outdoor activities! And a lot of people love to enjoy the outdoors with their dogs. Hiking a great way to exercise with your pup and a good bonding activity. You both are able to explore and see new things that are not in your normal routine. Here are a couple of safety tips and tricks for your next hike with your dog.

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