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The Best Car Accessories for Any Dog Lover

The Best Car Accessories for Any Dog Lover

We all know that most dogs love riding in the car with us. But we also know it can be a nuisance when your dog slobbers and sheds all over your backseat, or when your big pooch thinks they are a lap dog and tries to ride in your lap. We’ve curated a list of great items for any dog owners' car. Products that will help keep your car clean and keep both you and your pup safe.

Must Haves for the Dog Lover’s Car

  • Dog Car Harnesses- Distracted driving is very dangerous. And it can be very distracting when you have a dog that’s jumping back and forth from the front and back seats. This harness can be used for everyday walking and has a special feature that allows you to restrain your dog in the car with the seatbelt attachment loop.
  • Dog Car Tether- If you have a harness that you already love but you still need something to keep your pooch in one place, try a car tether. This buckles into your car seatbelt buckle and then clips to your dog’s harness like a leash. No more jumping back and forth when you use a tether.
  • Seat Covers- We absolutely love these Molly Mutt Seat Covers because they are a 3 in 1 style. They can cover the backseat, become a hammock seat cover preventing your dogs from getting in the front seat, or cover the cargo area. Dogologie has several fun patterns to style your car. The covers have seat anchors and a non-skid backing to keep your cover in place. Keep your car clean with the Molly Mutt covers.
  • Travel Water Bottle- We love the bottles from High Wave because they fit directly into your cup holder and have the ability to lock so the water doesn’t spill out if the bottle gets knock over. Just squeeze the bottle and water fills the bowl on the top for your pup to drink, release and the remaining water returns to the bottle, not wasting a drop.
  • Lint Rollers and Travel Febreze- These are a must to keep your car clean. Lint Rollers can help keep your car seats dog hair free (almost) and can clean you up too. Febreze will help freshen up your car after returning home from an afternoon at the dog park.

What did we miss? Have you found another product for your car that is a must have for dog owners? Let us know! And check out more of our Car Accessories HERE.