Tips and Tricks for Training Your New Dog

Tips and Tricks for Training Your New Dog

Are you beginning to train your new Christmas pup? The Dogologist is here to help. Not only do we have a lot of training tools, we can offer some great tips on training.

A lot of lucky families get new furry family members over the holidays and it’s always a good idea to start training as soon as possible. Whether it’s with private lessons, in a group class, or on your own, these tips are sure to help you through your training.


Be Consistent

Consistency is key when training your pup. You don’t want to confuse them by allowing your dog to get away with something one day and then gets in trouble for the same action another day. Stay consistent and your dog will learn new commands in no time.

Short Sessions

Keep your training sessions short. 15 minutes tops. One 15 minute session a day will help ingrain commands in your pup’s brain.

Doggy Motivation

Whether your pup loves treats or would rather have their favorite toy, your pup will choose what motivates them. And if they stop responding to what you have, you need to make your reward more valuable.


Make sure you are training in a clam environment, free from distractions. Then, as your dog progresses, add in some distractions. And continue adding in distractions and obstacles until your dog is a champion and will be obedient in any situation.

Make It Fun!!

Training should be fun and exciting. Not a chore. Always start with something they know and encourage them. And when you end your session, end on a high note! That will make sure your pup enjoys each and every session.



Treats are a great reward for training. And Dogologie has every type of treat; soft or crunchy, meaty or sweet, biscuits or bark; we have it all.


If treats aren’t your dog’s favorite, we have all the toys your dog could desire. Squeaky, tough, bouncy, crinkley, durable, and so many other options. Find your pup’s favorite toy and use that as a reward during training.

Treat Pouch

Treat pouches are a great way to store treats right by your side while training. Treats will be easily accessible when you need to reward your dog for a command they just learned.

Slip Collar and Lead

Slip collars are great because they allow you to give corrections when training. Slip leads are also designed to decrease the chance of a dog escaping their lead.

Whatever your need is, Dogologie can help. Stop in the store for local trainer recommendations and be sure to bring your pup so they can sample some treats!