Bonus Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Bonus Benefits of Walking Your Dog

If you're like me, you and your pup walked more than ever during the slower days of COVID. Did you notice any difference in your dog's behavior? I definitely did. Unfortunately as life got back to normal, my daily walks with my dog ceased. Again, I noticed a change in my dog's behavior. But it wasn't a good change. She was more hyper in the house. She started getting into things she shouldn't, like chewing on pencils and markers. She just seemed bored and restless. 

I decided that we MUST get back to walking daily. Even though our new routine has just begun, I can tell she's much happier. She listens better, seems more comfortable in the house, and is an all around happier pup. I highly recommend making walking part of your daily routine too. If you need any more convincing, check out these amazing benefits from daily walks with your pup.

Benefits of Walking Your Dog:

It's a Great Source of Exercise. This one is probably the most obvious. Everyone needs exercise, including your dog. The average recommendation is on 20 minute walk per day, but it depends on the size of your dog and if they are a high energy breed. Smaller dogs will do well with a shorter walk, while larger and more energetic dogs will benefit from a longer, more challenging walk. 

It's Mentally Stimulating. Taking your dog on a walk, particularly in a different or unfamiliar area, can be a sensory overload for your dog. New sights, sounds, SMELLS! So exciting. Exploring new walking routes, seeing new things can be great for mentally tiring out your pup. Keep walks exciting and go explore. 

It's a Bonus Training Opportunity. Take this time to work on sitting at each corner and being calm with distractions. Work on loose leash walking. While we are on walks, I make my pup sit and wait for a moment before we continue on to the next block. It's a good reminder that I am the one in control, not her. We also walk down Main Street in Fredericksburg, where we see a lot of other dogs walking. So we work on sitting while others pass. 

Continued Socialization. Walking in public areas are great for meeting new people and dogs. My pup and I love to walk around Main Street because we can meet so many new people. It's great to continue on socializing my pup because we are constantly working on behaving and remaining calm when we see new things. Now my dog is used to giant trucks and 18-wheelers driving and pulling up next to us. She's used to kids of all ages trying to pet her. Strollers, other dogs, cars honking, police sirens. She's seen it all. And because she trusts me, she usually doesn't freak out and can remain calm. It just takes practice and patience. 

It Helps Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Dog. One of the best benefits of a daily walk is the increased bond between you and your pup. Soon, you won't have to give the sit command every time you stop because your pup will automatically know what you want. They will trust you even more because of the consistency you have shown them. You will continue to become the best of friends. 


So what are you waiting for? Get up and go for a walk! Need new walking gear? Dogologie has you covered, we have leashes, harnesses, waste bags, and more. Shop in store or online today. Let us know how we can help you.