We Need “Companion”

We Need “Companion”

Years ago, we began a journey. We loved our dogs, and we enjoyed sharing that passion with others. It’s what’s brought us together into this venture of curating a wonderful collection of doggy goods and serving other dog-lovers like us throughout the entire lifestyle. We’ve become a “pack” of sorts, and a destination for others like us who are looking for dog-loving friends along the way.

During the most lonely days of the 2020 pandemic, we found some solace in the fact that our dogs had no idea what was going on in the world around us. Their playful and indomitable natures lifted our spirits and brought us so much enjoyment. They were there for us, tails wagging all the way. We’ve known for a while that we’ve become a kind of companion to each other and to every guest, 2-legged or 4-legged that crosses the threshold to our Fredericksburg store. But during all of this, we’ve come to realize that this companion, this friend that we are to one another is the deepest need we all share as a dog-lover community. We love dogs because we need companions.

Shelters, rescues, and dog breeders have sold-out this year, and the Washington Post says many of them have waiting lists that extend well into 2021. As if we needed proof, dogs are iconic companions, and we love their slobbery kisses and tail wags all the more for it.

So, in honor of all that is “Companion”, we are launching a search to find some of the most wonderful stories from this year to share with each other. We love the conversations that start in the store, the hilarious and wild tales people tell inspire us and make us laugh. We love sharing this dynamism together, and we’d love to share these with all of you.

We’ll be reviewing your summaries and selecting a few to follow up with a phone call. No web-form tells it like the real you, and we want to hear it straight from your lips. We’ll write it up and share it with everyone else in our dog-lover community.

Let’s Be Companions to One Another.

Let’s share the journey, the stories, and the love of dogs. We are your companion, a place where any faithful friend belongs. Let’s enjoy that friendship, together.