Why Dogs Love Fredericksburg

Why Dogs Love Fredericksburg

We’ve said it before, Fredericksburg is the perfect place to vacation with your dog. The town is very dog friendly. It’s hard to walk my dog down Main Street without stopping and talking to everyone we meet because Fredericksburg people absolutely love dogs. Why is Fredericksburg so great for dogs? We have the dog friendly Historic Main Street, numerous dog friendly restaurants and wineries, fun outdoor parks to play and exercise, and the best dog store in Texas!

Why Do Dogs Love Fredericksburg?

Dog Friendly Wineries- Who doesn’t love a nice afternoon sipping wine and enjoying the sunshine? Dogs love coming along to the numerous dog friendly wineries in Fredericksburg.

Dog Friendly Stores- Dogs love walking downtown and visiting the stores with all of the nice Main Street employees and tasty treats. Most of the stores on Main Street allow dogs. And some stores, like Earthbound, Barefoot, and Camp Hayden have treats for their four legged shoppers.

Dog Friendly Restaurants- We love going out to eat at all the dog friendly restaurants like Hondo’s. And Hondo’s even has a courtyard for live music and dancing. Perfect for dancing and playing with your dog .

Awesome Places for Dogs- There are so many neat places to check out in Fredericksburg with your dog. There are cool places to visit like Enchanted Rock, where your pup is welcome to walk the 4 mile loop trail around the rock and stay in the camp ground areas, but they are not allowed on the rock. The Lady Bird Park has a great nature trail to explore, along with a small river to visit and the Dog Park is right there too. MarktPlatz is a fun downtown park with lots of grass and room to play, plus there are multiple clean up stations just in case.

And, of course, Dogologie! Dogologie should be your first and last stop of your dog’s trip to Fredericksburg. Stop in the day you arrive to pick up the Dog Lover’s Guide and ask the Dogologie Team for some great food recommendations. Also grab anything you may have forgotten, like waste bags or a leash. Then when you are on your way back home, swing back by for a souvenir toy or treats, and something for yourself too.

Dog Lovers Guide- visit the Dog Lovers Guide to find all of the dog friendly restaurants, wineries, and bars.

Dogologie Haus- spend the weekend with us in our Dogologie Haus, designed with the Dog Lover in mind. 


Visit us at Dogologie, and we can help you out while you and your pup are in town. We hope you have a fantastic trip.