Only an Ocean

Allergy Testing Kit


For Dogs, Cats and Horses

Does your pet suffer from breathing issues, joint pain, skin problems, digestive issues, weight gain, gas, inflammation or other issues? 95% of symptoms are intolerance driven, while only 5% of symptoms are caused by true allergies. By learning what your pet is intolerant to via the 5Strands test, and making appropriate changes, odds are you’ll be able to quickly relieve their symptoms. If their symptoms persist you may be in the minority that should visit their vet for allergy testing.

Knowledge is key to taking the best possible care of your pet. The ease of this hair test, and the extremely quick and comprehensive results are a true innovation. While the price point is higher than most, if the true value and ease of the kit is properly communicated to customers, they will purchase and love the results.

When pulling out hair is a good thing:
– Non-invasive mail-in hair testing kit detects 300+ intolerances
– Bioresonance testing technology provides comprehensive results
– Fast results, emailed within 5-7 days of lab receiving hair sample

Kit Includes:
– Box
– Comb for easy hair removal
– Parchment paper bag
– Anti static bag
– Information card
– Pre-addressed envelope with postage

Kit Directions:
– Fill out the included post card
– Pull a hair sample from the nape of your pet’s neck
– Place the hair strands in the parchment paper bag
– Place the parchment paper bag in the anti static bag
– Write the name of your pet on the antis static bag
– Place in envelope
– Mail