Dog Lovers Guide

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Where to Eat

The Hill Country is swarming with restaurants, from dive bars to fine dining. If you’re here, it’s important to know where you and your dog will get a warm welcome from the wait staff. We maintain an active list of the following dog- friendly restaurants for our guests! Many of these establishments may require you to stick to outdoor seating, so if they’re on this list it’s still worth asking what their rules are.

On Main / West of Dogologie

  • Altdorf | 301 W Main St.
    • Lunch & Dinner
    • Closed Sunday - Tuesday
  • Caliche Coffee Bar | 338 W Main St.
    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • Open Daily
  • Hondo’s | 312 W Main St.
    • Lunch & Dinner
    • Closed Monday & Tuesday

On Main / East of Dogologie

Off Main Street (but not too far)

    Where to drink: Wineries that love dogs

    One of the most wonderful things about the Hill Country is the wine! These open spaces are wonderful attractions for some fine time outdoors. The following tasting rooms are welcoming for our guests and their dogs companions. Again, we recommend asking what they allow and don’t allow and definitely keep them on a leash. Many of these open spaces look great for running your dog but it may be off-limits. Regardless, there’s no reason not to go and enjoy these places! They are ordered nearest to farthest from our retail location.

    In Town

    On Highway 290 East (where most of the wineries are)

    Just off Highway 290 East

    Not on Highway 290 East