Employment Opportunities

Yes, working at Dogologie isn’t just a job, it has the potential to be a career! We have lighter part-time work in our retail operations, but also offer full-time positions for those willing to share our values and be a part of this pack. We look for highly positive people who care deeply for everyone they work with and we return that respect and faithfulness.

Joining our pack has real benefits.

Taking care of each other starts with our basic needs first. In addition to locally comparable salary and hourly wages, we offer:

  • 401k retirement plans so at the end of your career, you have enough to live on
  • Health Reimbursement to keep you well and feeling good
  • Profit Sharing Bonus Program so you know what it feels like to own this brand
  • Weekend Pay Differential to account for the fact that your working when others aren’t (even though it’s still fun!)
  • Bi-weekly paydays so you don’t have to wait for the end of the month

Current Positions Available:

Store Sales & Stocking Clerk 

 Opportunities for up to 40 hours per week. 

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