We exist to be a place where faithful friends belong.

Dogologie as a concept is a criss-cross of friendship. People to people, people to dog, it doesn’t matter, we are a highly inclusive group who cares deeply about turning what we have learned from dogs into a culture, an atmosphere. In our store, everyone is welcome and belongs here, human or animal, dog-lover or not. We exist as a small beacon for the attitude and loyalty of people who care for each other and the wonderful animals we call friends.

By being a companion to the dog-lover lifestyle.

The reality of being dog-obsessed is that it’s inconvenient. Having another member of the family with claw-paws, an entire body covered in shedding hair and a propensity to drool by the quart has an impact on everything from the clothes you wear to the cars you drive. So what do faithful friends do? They help you wherever and however you need it. Being a companion to the dog-lover lifestyle means helping out in any way we can. Have a small dog that gets cold in the winter? We have a sweater for them. Have a large dog that needs some restraining? We have harnesses. Need a babysitter? We’re there for you. Not sure where to eat? We know the spots. See, products are only one component of the dog-loving life. Sometimes you just need a friend to be excited with you or someone to gush over your new puppy. You may need advice or recommendation. Dogologie isn’t just a retail experience, it’s all of these things.

Who We Are

Meet the Dogologie “Pack”


Polly, Owner

Polly bought Dogologie in 2011 and has grown the business into what it is today. She added all of the services that Dogologie offers; the Dogologie Haus, Dog Pause, and Stroller Rentals. She makes sure her team is taken care of. Polly is very active in helping improve the city of Fredericksburg. She has two rescue dogs, Em and Max.


Terry, Buyer

Terry has been with Dogologie since 2011. She brings in all of the amazing brands that can be found on the store shelves. Terry has three dogs, Remmy, Raider, and Dakota. When Terry is working the Store Floor, Dakota can usually be found either sleeping on the counter, or hiding under the register.

Terry G.

Teresa, Stocking Manager

Teresa knows where every product should be in the store and in our warehouse. She works hard to make sure both the store and the warehouse stays organized. Teresa has been with Dogologie for six years. She recently rescued a little dog, Brandi, and has several cats that have adopted her.


Courtney, Customer Experience Manager

Courtney is in charge of marketing and social media. She also helps with donations and works the Store Floor. She joined the pack in 2018. Courtney has one dog, Lady, and you may recognize Lady from Dogologie's social media pages.


Francis, Sales Associate and Stocking Team

Francis helps Dogologie by cleaning the store and turning over the Dogologie Haus. She also comes in and stocks when big orders come in. Francis has been with Dogologie for several years. She has three small dogs, Peter, Peta, and Phoebe.


Kayla, Orders, Returns, and Exchanges and Sales Associate

Kayla handles each online order and returns/exchanges with care. She packs each order with care and tries to customize each package. Kayla joined the Dogologie Pack in late 2020. She has two dogs, Bear and Moose, and four cats that roam their property.


Letty, Merchandise and Quality Manager

Letty helps make sure the store is looking perfect each day by checking and stocking the shelves after hours. She recently joined the team and has been a great asset to the Dogologie Pack. Letty has one spoiled lab, Princess, who loves to walk Main Street in the mornings.

What We Value

We are tied together by a family-like bond, captured in a few simple ideas that govern how we treat each other and care for the guests who walk in our doors.

We Value Fun

Be happy! Take play seriously.
This is supposed to be fun! People get dogs for their indomitable positivity, and we reflect this in the way we enjoy our work

We Value Each Other

Work like a family.
Whatever you do affects the people you care about. They are here to support you and you are here to support them.

We Value Relationship

Listen to people and give their dogs the best.
Go ahead, make yourself available, take as long as you need to understand. Then recommend whatever you believe is best for that person or dog. It doesn’t need to profit us, it just needs to help them.

Still About People

We love dogs, dearly, but we never lose sight of people. Our human guests are still the top priority. What you experience here should be an open and welcoming place that’s characterized by our values. Whether working with us online or in-person, we’re a culture of helpfulness and friendliness. We are here to be a companion to your journey.