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Aztec Blue UpCountry Collar
Aztec Blue UpCountry Collar
Aztec Blue UpCountry Collar

Aztec Blue UpCountry Collar


UpCountry Sizes:
Regular Small Narrow
Regular Medium Wide
Regular XLarge Wide
Teacup 10 Inch
Teacup 12 Inch
Teacup 14 Inch
Regular XSmall Narrow
Regular XXLarge Wide
Regular Large Wide
Regular Medium Narrow

Ribbon collars are made from high-tensile strength nylon webbing with sewn on polyester/nylon ribbons. These ribbons are stain and fray resistant; designed to last a lifetime. All collar and lead hardware is cast, not welded brass for extra strength. The buckles are Coast Guard approved for high weight hold. Machine wash cold, air dry.

  • Southwestern design on ribbon
  • Made in USA
  • Machine Washable