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Natural Boar Bristle & Alloy Pin

The Natural Bristle & Alloy Pin, by BASS, create incredible shine by distributing oil more completely through the deep layers of the coat.

Natural Bristle + Alloy Pins. Innovative patented layout of natural boar and alloy pins in separate sections on the same brush pad provide more complete conditioning by enabling the oil-distributing boar bristles to reach the deeper layers of the coat.

100% Pure Bamboo Handle. BASS Bamboo handles are beautiful, durable, and precision-crafted from one of the world's most environmentally conscious materials.

  • Unique patented design
  • Allows you to detangle and shine at the same time
  • Made from premium natural materials
  • Natural rubber cushion
  • For use on dry hair only
  • Available in several sizes and shapes


Alloy Pin Fine Tooth Comb

BASS has been in the business of looking good for nearly 30 years. They now have a Pet Grooming Section that offers a series of Metal Pet Combs for all your pet grooming needs. They come in "Fine", "Alternating", and "Wide Tooth" Comb styles.

  • Bass Alternating Tooth Comb is good for shedding and discarding loose fur
  • 3/4" long teeth length; 1/2" short teeth length
  • 14 Teeth per Inch

Soft Natural Bristle Grooming Brush

The BASS Oval Boar/Nylon Round handle brush is features 100% wild boar and nylon bristles.

This brush is ideal for fine coats and has anti-static properties which will prevent frizz and fly-aways. The natural boar bristles will polish and add sheen to fur, whilst stimulating the skin. The longer nylon bristles keep the coat free from tangles. The brush head measures 5.5" long x 3" wide.

Natural Bamboo Pin Groom Brush

The BASS Wooden Pin Brush has expertly sanded, smooth wooden pins. Great for pets with medium to long coats as well as those with silky, curly or wooly coats. Using a wooden pin brush is the safest and gentlest way to detangle hair. It eliminates pulling and provides a relaxing massage to the animal's skin that stimulates the production of natural oils, producing a healthy and vibrant coat!