Smokehouse Stick


Smokehouse Beef Recipe Rolls are unlike any other product on the market. They are made of 95% real meat and are very high in protein. They're made from real beef and lots of other good stuff to create a wonderful treat your dog will love! They're great for all size dogs and are easy to break into small pieces.

Key Benefits
  • Made with real beef
  • Low in fat and high in protein
  • Great for training, easy to break into small pieces
  • Good for all dogs of all sizes
  • Made in the USA

Smokehouse Chick'n Stix are made right here in the USA with the finest-quality chicken. They are basted with molasses and slow-roasted for a rich, deep flavor. They can easily be broken into smaller pieces, making them a wonderful training aid.

Key Benefits

  • Slow roasted to perfection for a rich taste and savory flavor
  • Natural source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamins and contains no chemicals, colorings or preservatives
  • Great for all breed sizes and for training younger pups and dogs
  • Low in fat, high in protein, and great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies to beef, chicken, or pork

Smokehouse Pepperoni Stix are tasty, healthy treats made right here in the USA that your dog will think are GREAT! Basted with molasses, they are soft and moist and have a great smoky flavor and delicious smell. They're great for all size dogs and can easily be broken into smaller pieces for smaller dogs and training.

Key Benefits

  • Soft and moist stix
  • Slow-roasted to perfection
  • High in protein, rich in meat
  • Great for training, can be easily broken into small pieces
  • Made in the USA