Warren London

Dry & Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo

  • Convenient No-Rinse Dog Shampoo - Use this dog spray as a quick and easy way to clean your pet on the go! Use in between grooms and baths as a way to maintain a fresh and clean coat.
  • Easy To Use - Simply spray on, and either towel or air dry! It is called Dry & Waterless Shampoo because it does not require a rinse with water.
  • Works on All Coats - No Harsh Ingredients Used - Contains no Soap, Detergents, or Parabens - Will not disrupt topical flea preventives - Cruelty free
  • Refreshing and Subtle Green Apple Scent - Great dog shampoo for smelly dogs! Use along with or in place of your favorite dog spray deodorizer, dog cologne, or dog perfume.
  • Made in the USA