Fabdog Fast Foodies

The battle for chicken sandwich dominance ends here--our Pupeyes dog toy simply can’t be beat. Super realistic, and super squeaky, thanks to a single ‘super squeaker’ inside.

The most fun you can have without a trip to the drive-thru! Your pup will sit AND stay for our burger toy with all the fixings. Filled with a round ‘super squeaker’ for maximum impact.

Pups agree: anytime is the right time for a slice of pizza! Our PizzaPup dog toy looks just like your favorite pepperoni slice. A single ‘super squeaker’ inside delivers loads of fun.

Frankly speaking, your pup won’t be able to resist this toy! While a single long squeaker allows us to leave out the fillers, and leave IN the fun!

One super sweet treat for your pup! Our Kuddly Kanine chocolate glazed doughnut looks just like the real thing. The ‘super squeaker’ inside means more fun, less stuffing!

Spice up your dog’s day with a toy that look just like your favorite fast-food taco. A taco-shaped super squeaker inside means mas fun, less filling.