Gentle Leader

Gentle Leader No Pull Collar

A pooch's common nature is to pull when strain is on the lead, regardless of whether they are gagging. Since standard collars and outfits make this strain when proprietors pull, the pooch pulls the other way. Since the Gentle Leader Headcollar works like a strap, the canine's head is delicately moved toward the path the proprietor needs it to go. Also, where the head goes, the body will follow. As a result of the situation of the nose circle, the canine promptly gets his/her place in the chain of importance. The canine thinks about the proprietor his/her pioneer.
Small: Nose Loop Adjustments; 7 in-15 in, Neck Strap Adjustments; 7 in-9 in

Medium: Nose Loop Adjustments; 9 in-19 in, Neck Strap Adjustments; 9 in-14 in

Large: Nose Loop Adjustments; 11 in-24 in, Neck Strap Adjustments; 10 in x 18 in

X-Large: Nose Loop Adjustments; 12 in-28 in, Neck Strap Adjustments; 11 in-24 in