Printed Mint

I Work Harder than the Congress Bandana


Express Your Attitude

We really love humor, our dogs do too. Let’s soften the mood. Sometimes the best remedy for all the tension is a quiet joke and a good laugh. Our pals all know that smiling is good for the soul. So let’s take the seriousness out of politics for just a hot second and give our four-legged friends a compliment and give each other a chuckle.

Dogs come in even more shapes and sizes than people, so does this bandana. Available for any build, and 4 colors to choose from, you could spend your time trying to decide which one is best, or you can order them all and return the ones you don’t want!

  • Design: One-Sided Design
  • Size (Small): 6.94" x 4.125", with black .39" wide collar, adjustable 7.8" to 11.8" 
  • Size (Medium): 9.13" x 5.5", with black .59" wide collar adjustable 10.2" to 17.3"
  • Size (Large): 12" x 7.3" with black collar 79" wide, adjustable 12.6" to 19.7" 
  • Size (X-Large): 14.5" x 9" with black collar .98" wide adjustable 14.6" to 23.6"
  • Material: Polyester Duck Fabric
  • Printing Method: Dye Sublimation
  • Care:  Machine washable cold/ tumble dry low

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