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Lil Snoop

Lil Snoop


  • Treat ball: stuff the translucent puzzle ball with treats and your dog will push, roll, shake and nibble to win their PRIZE. The treat ball is also suitable for use with any 2.5” orbee-tuff toy.
  • Challenging fun: stimulating your dog’s brain and keeping them busy when you can’t play, this interactive dog treat dispenser ball offers long lasting entertainment for small, Medium and Large dogs.
  • Safe and healthy: completely non-toxic, BPA-free and recyclable, this dog ball treat game is made in the USA and infused with mint to freshen your dog’s breath during play time.
  • Easy to clean: when the treats have been retrieved and enjoyed, the snoop dog puzzle toy can be cleaned using warm water and mild soap. Rinse well.
  • Tough and strong: made from orbee-tuff, the material Planet Dog was founded on.