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Nandi Freeze Dried Treats


YOUR PUP WILL GO CRAZY over Nandi's premium, all-natural, single ingredient, South African free-range dog treat. 100 percent organ meat, which is the parts of the animal carnivores like your pet naturally prefer to eat.

HEALTHY PROTEIN DOG TREATS for small and large dogs to keep your fur baby full of puppy energy!

100 PERCENT NATURAL AND NUTRITIOUS. By freeze-drying instead of dehydrating, we do not expose the product to heat. This locks in freshness, more nutrients, and the most natural flavors and aromas pets love.

SUSTAINABLY AND ETHICALLY SOURCED. Behind Nandi is a team of animal-loving, social entrepreneurs. We only work with South African farmers who share our commitment to animal welfare, sustainable food systems, and follow the highest standards of food safety, quality and ethics.

ALL NATURAL AND GRAIN FREE. In our world-class kitchen we only make the healthiest dog treats, so we know exactly what is in our products. No chemicals, flavor enhancers, additives, fillers, grains or preservatives.