All Star Dogs

NCAA Frisbees

Quick Details
Pet friendly flying discs are constructed out of water repelling 900 denier canvas.
Complete with sublimated team logos and reverse color trim.
Two squeakers inside. 100% polyester with PVC backing.
One Size (8")
Officially licensed product.
Made in the USA
There are two kinds of people in this world, those that get a home team frisbee for their dog to play with and those that get the rival team’s frisbee as a know which one you are.
Here, catch! This frisbee or “flying disc” is rigid enough to fly, but it’s made of a soft denier
canvas that bends, flexes and lives great inside a backpack without adding weight or bulk. We keep one in the glovebox at all times.
The officially licensed logos are sublimated to seal the colors into the fabric ensuring they do not run, fade or get chewed off. The reverse color trim is a nice touch and makes these
extremely visible when flying through the air. These 8 inch discs only come in one size, they’re domestically made in the USA and we’re thinking this may be one of the best party favors to include at the tailgate gathering.