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Regal Stroller

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The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller has everything you and your pet need for a comfortable stroll. The Smart-Canopy gives your pet plenty of room and features a hidden front steel bar to create a safe, cozy enclosure. With pre-zipped Smart-Zippers, it’s easy to open and close the canopy without having to worry about stuck zippers. There’s plenty of room for storing things like waste bags or jackets in the enclosed Smart-Basket, plus there’s a tray by the handle that holds two cups and an accessory compartment for keys. The Smart-Reach ergonomically designed handle lets you keep a comfortable pace with more kick space behind the stroller as you walk. For a smooth ride, the front wheel swivels on flat surfaces and can be locked for rough terrain. Front wheel shock absorbers and rear wheel brakes are included for added safety. The Regal Plus Pet Stroller has a thick, removable poly-filled pad for your pet’s comfort and holds up to 25 pounds.