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Roller Carrier

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Take your pet anywhere with the Gen7Pets Links print roller carrier. This multi-function carrier is a backpack, portable den, and car restraint all in one. It’s perfect for running errands, traveling or enjoying the great outdoors with your pal. The handle and platform won’t tip over to keep your pup leveled when you are pulling her behind you, allowing you to use it as a wheeled travel carrier. You can also use it as a car carrier since it attaches easily to a seatbelt, or throw it over your back to use as a backpack. And when you get to your destination, it turns into a comfy den with a cushiony, washable pad. Plus, it features side mesh windows, top and front access doors, safety tethers and storage pockets for doggy essentials. Innovated with high fashion in mind, it comes in a stylish design and two sizes to accommodate pups up to 20 pounds.