Advanced Pet Product

Suchgood Oral Care Gel


One small amount of gel applied to your fingertip is enough to break down buildup, balance the oral biome, and freshen breath naturally—for multiple days. This effective formula works with just 2-3 applications per week so there’s no need to pause your pet’s play. One simple swipe for a sparkling smile. 

REMOVE PLAQUE, CONTROL TARTAR, and freshen funky, foul, fishy, so-bad-it’s-almost-impressive breath.

EASY and EFFECTIVE pet dental care: simply apply to your pet’s teeth and gums to remove plaque buildup. 

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS help break down plaque, prevent periodontal disease, and protect your pet’s overall health. 

WHOLE MOUTH HEALTH: preventive and proactive tongue, gum, and tooth care for fewer vet visits. 

LONG-LASTING CLEAN: one application provides whole-mouth protection for multiple days.